Marine Piling In many respects, marine piling work is different from land piling work. Away from the ground Flood depth Hydrostatic pressure and breathability Submerged flows Wave and gusts Tidal shift Wind and turbulence Gymnastics Existing navigation and diversion option etc. Marine burglary Offshore piling operations: This type of piling work is often done in the construction of various marine structures such as jetties, harbours, docks, wharves and bridges on the river/sea that are away from the shore. You can mount Marine Piles from Rig Tripod.

  • Rotary Rig (Wirth Rig, or Ordinary Hydraulic Rig Mounted by Crawler)
  • Tripod Rig
  • Marine Piling

Different methods are commonly used to advance the boreholes.

The fin on Piling Gantry (Movable Temporary gantry)

Self elevated platform (platform for jack-ups)

Temporarily fixed platform supported on permanent/temporary piles.